Commands UI cause huge FPS loss

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If I open Settings -> Commands the game will run at 20FPS, even if I'm in main menu. 

If I play a game, open the commands menu and then exit to the game it will stay at 20FPS.

To solve this I need to open menu again and selecting something that is not commands

If I do not open a different option window all the game stay at 20FPS

Some part of the UI is still laggy (Main Campaign map f.e.)

  • OS (Windows)
  • Version (10 Pro)
  • 64bit
    • Ram 16GB
    • CPU Ryzen 5 1600
    • GPU AMD Sapphire 590 Nitro+

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Game Version:
Steam Public Beta
Lee "Noontide" Moon Designer & Community Manager
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Hi TheEnigmist,

Thanks for submitting this bug to us with the appropriate details. I'll put it into our queue to review when we next do a triage pass on War for the Overworld. I expect this will take place sometime in Q1 2019.

When we review this ticket we may choose to action it further, if so you may see an reply on this ticket at that time.



  • Out of Maintenance Scope