Campaign Level 4 - wrong enemy theme used

Kasrkin84 4 years ago updated by anonymous 4 years ago 3

Similar to and also the opposite of this old ticket, the enemy uses the Dwarven rather than the basic Empire theme on Level 4, even though the dwarves don't actually show up until level 5.

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Hi Kasrkin84,

Thanks for the report. I'm pretty sure this is intended, though the linked ticket was an oversight as the Empire theme is default and it wasn't considered that the dwarven theme was the best fit for that level, this will have been changed purposefully.

Still it's worth having a look at as if we do want to change it for story consistency it shouldn't be particularly strenuous. Assigned to review in our next triage pass.



Fair enough. A bit of a weird decision if it was intended though, as like I said the dwarves don't show up until later - there don't actually appear to be ANY Sappers, Wardens, Vanguards, Firebreathers or any other dwarven units on this level and they're not mentioned in dialogue/narration. Plus, sticking with the basic Empire theme would tie this level together better visually with the previous two thematically similar "destroy the Inhibitor" levels.


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