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Minor: Custom campaign returns user to skirmish-setup

Rudolph Reindeer 4 years ago updated by anonymous 4 years ago 10


Just a minor annoyance I figured might be worthwhile reporting.

When finishing a level in a custom campaign, you end up in skirmish setup afterwards. So you have to click "Back"->"Yes"->"Campaigns"->"Custom Campaign"->Select the campaign you were playing, in order to return to the correct spot.

Expected behavior:

Returning to Custom/User Campaigns with the current campaign selected in drop-down, and perhaps the next level pre-selected tho that might not be possible without larger changes(?).

Game Version:
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This should be an easy fix as far as I am aware. I'll mark it for review in our next pass and we'll have a deeper look as soon as we come around to next reviewing these reports.

A heads up for the reviewer:

I was a bit rash on the absoluteness, assuming there are two different causes:

1) Guessing there is a tag the mapmaker can get wrong as some custom campaign levels consistently return user to Skirmish instead of Custom Campaign. Perhaps to bypass certain limitations, or that they are too old?

2) Guessing the inconsistency in reproducibility on most levels I've tested is related to GC struggling as level playtime increases(usually reaches a "breaking-point" around 45-60 minutes). Reason I made the initial report was playing through Green Slice's "Mystical Journey" and consistently being returned to "Skirmish" screen. 

The common theme in his campaign(and standalone levels for that matter) is that they generally take a long time to complete, hence I often see a lot of various quirks pop up as play time passes 60 minutes(Minion color tags, CTA not clearing for captives/converts, minion pathing refusing to work correctly/getting stuck all the time, even had Impenetrable rock randomly scattered across a level when loading it up). This might be one of those quirks, since even on the same level it sometimes returns to "User Campaigns" screen, and sometimes "Skirmish".


Updating this ticket to reflect that is currently pending our next triage pass. (Our programmers are currently heads down on other projects and we're trying to slot in some time for WFTO after upcoming major milestones in early 2019)

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Still happens in v2.0.7, either after exiting to menu or finishing the level, but it seems only with custom campaign levels that were made before patch 2.0.

Marked for Review

Thanks for the report Sebt, we will look into this first thing Monday Morning

Not a Bug

When quitting a custom campaign level that was made before the patch I return to that campaigns level select screen