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Publish map makes Empire get the evil theme in scenario

SeriousToni 5 years ago updated by anonymous 4 years ago 9

I published my scenario locally and playtested it with single player >scenario. The Empire then gets the evil theme for units and Khasita theme for its dungeon. Although in the map settings in the editor I set up the empire with the appropriate empire theme for dungeon and workers. I checked twice and also published twice. Always the same error. 

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GOG Galaxy
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break the waves with ai_20181026094006.meta

break the waves with ai_20181026094006

These are the map files. The editor also seems to forget some map settings on reloading a map file (I disabled player 3 and 4, still everytime I reload the map the slots are there again as "open").
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Hi SeriousToni,

Thanks for the report. I'll mark this for review in the near future. Regarding the attached Map Files I'm not sure if these are the editor files, typically editable files have the word "_edit" appended at the end.

 If you could include those as well that would be great.

With the map settings issue would you be able to create a separate ticket regarding that with appropriate editable files just so we can track it independently of this issue. :)



Hello Noontide,

Thank you for the help! This issue only seems to be the case for "scenario" game mode. I converted it to "custom game" and there the faction styles apply properly.

Here you find the edit version of the "scenario". It seems that there is an error in the map settings, where you setup the faction style and so somehow the Empire gets the wrong theme (though in the editor it looks right). Maybe the error lies in the "publish map" function, since when you load the map in the editor and quicktest it there, the faction styles are correct.

break the waves with ai_edit_1911041932582....meta

break the waves with ai_edit_191104193258284638

I opened a new ticket for the "map settings reset error" - again, thank you so much for your help! :) 


Updating the status of this ticket to appropriately reflect that it is pending Triage. :)

I just can confirm this on another map I created (my second one). In the Publish and Test the Empire has its normal appereance. As soon as I publish it as a Scenario and start it via the main menu, the Empire gets the evil skin ingame.

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