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Wizard doesn't have "evil" variant

Kasrkin84 4 years ago updated by anonymous 4 years ago 5

From a recent discussion on the Steam forums:

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No ETA on this as its minor and the team are not actively working on WFTO


Ok, turns out that there actually IS an evil variant for the Wizard, it's just that the game doesn't always use it when it should.

If a player is using an evil dungeon theme and a Wizard is spawned for them via one of the following methods, then it will incorrectly use the Empire texture:

- The map editor (i.e. it is pre-placed on the map and so is present and under the player's control when the level begins)

- An Overworld Gateway

- Through MightyScript

- Through console commands

Only if a player gets a Wizard through one of the following methods will it correctly switch to the evil unit texture:

- Converted in a Torture Chamber

- Found a Neutral Wizard

As far as I can tell, other Empire units always use the correct texture regardless of circumstances, it's only the Wizard that has this problem.

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