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Extreamly Slow loading and responce time upon updating to 2.0.6

aiden-donnelly 5 years ago updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 4 years ago 6

Dear Sirs,

Upon updating my game to version 2.0.6,

I now experience extremely slow loading and responses time to actions.

My system meets the current requirments that you specify is required to play this without experienceing any issues, this has been the case so far up until now. 

Has the new version changed the system requirements at all?

I look to puchchase further add-ons, including the Under Games expantion however I'm currently reluctent to do so whilst experiencing this issue,

I look forward to your response on this matter,

Kind Regards,


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Hey aiden,

Nothing should have changed in this update.

Can you please post your output_log and tell me what the last version number of the game you played on.

Posting Output Logs

Hi Cian,

Thank you for your reply,

Please find attached my Output Log as requested,

Kind Regards,



Hi Cian, 

Please see above,

Kind  Regards, 


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Hi Aiden,

Sorry that this ticket had gone unresponded to for a few weeks. Cian has been away recently and I only just had a moment to go through everything. My deepest apologies! I've emailed you a response to your internal ticket. I'll quote it here for good measure.

Hi Aiden,
Sorry to hear you're experiencing problems with the game upon updating to v2.0.6. 
There shouldn't have been any significant changes that would dramatically cause any changes to load times or response times presumably in UI interactions? It was a very, very light patch mostly with small tweaks.
Unfortunately, our QA Analyst is currently on leave so cannot currently cast his eye over your Output Log in depth to see if there's anything that stands out.
Something that does stand out to me is that the game is loading with an Intel HD 5500 graphics adapter. This is well below the minimum requirements for the game. Intel driver support has always been a little spotty and the UI Middleware has known problems with Intel integrated graphics chips.
As you state your PC is above our specification it would seem something is going wrong when the Graphics Device is being assigned to the game. As such I'm presuming you have some form of Discrete Graphics Card from Nvidia or AMD in your system as well as an Intel integrated chip.
Graphics devices are typically chosen dynamically by your graphics drivers when a game is launched. As WFTO does not have predefined settings from Nvidia and AMD this can sometimes lead to the game being wrongfully booted with the wrong adapter under certain conditions, thus dramatically decreasing the capabilities to render the game.
You should be able to overwrite the decision taken by your graphics manufacturer's software by following these instructions. Hopefully that should resolve your issue.
If it does not my next suggested step would be to try rolling back to the previous version of the game to confirm whether this issue is newly introduced by v2.0.6. 
You can do so by right clicking the game in the Steam menu > Properties > Betas and then selecting "Previous Build" from the drop-down menu. You should then see the Steam client download the previous version.
Double check the version number on the main menu and let us know if that made a difference.
Best of luck, let me know how you get on!



Completed - Resolved

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