Minor XP exploits, from Tavern and Garrison

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Hello, found two minor manual XP exploits.

First is from redropping a minion in the Tavern over and over, gives somewhere between 200-400xp per feeding. This has the added bonus of getting back all the gold you paid, and if I understand right even multiply it given bonuses from prop.

Suggested fix: 30-60 second cooldown for "force-feeding".

The second is from dropping an Augre/Juggernaut on an unlit/below 60% Garrison tower on the charging side(east), waiting 0.5-1 second then pick back up. Wait 1-3 seconds, then drop on the next tower(Not directly next to the first tower on east or west side, this for some reason does not work, north or south is fine). This way the tower is not lit so you can keep cycling the minion, and each time earns somewhere between 250-400xp.

This trick can also be used to instantly ignite a contested tower. Instead of waiting 1-3 seconds after picking the Augre/Juggernaut up, quickly re-drop on the tower you want to ignite to have it instantly receive charge.

Suggested fix: Apply XP at the same time as charge, or slightly after..

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Lee "Noontide" Moon Designer & Community Manager
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Hi Rudolph,

Thanks for bringing these to our attention. The Tavern issue sounds like an oversight as units are awarded EXP for working, which the tavern counts as. It probably shouldn't be awarding the experience in this case given what the units are actually doing there.

The Garrison one is interesting indeed and has quite a few hoops to jump through. I'm amazed you identified these and we truly appreciate it.

I can't say what the scope is for fixing these issues as they're incredibly minor and tied to extensive systems. We'll have a look into them but we may choose not to pursue a fix due to scoping.



Rudolph Reindeer

As an addon:

Probably safe to ignore the Garrison thing, its tedious and hard to abuse extensively.

Tavern on the other hand is very powerful. 

Make a tavern with at least two cannons and 3-4 tables in between them, preferably a straight line(lets the cannons refill tables faster). 

Use Work-a-lot on a minion, enter possession mode and eat once from each table. If setup properly you should manage 6-8 tables per potion, and reach level 10 fairly quickly(2-4 minutes).

Same thing can be done for Crypt, and there's a secondary bug involved were it rewards work XP if the minion can't have more companions at its current level but the grave has available bodies to draw from. It rewards XP, but the body remains.

Lee "Noontide" Moon Designer & Community Manager
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Just updating the status on this to show that it's in our Triage queue waiting for our next pass. Thanks!

Rudolph Reindeer

An additional addon for Tavern: There's a second bug involved that makes it so you can hit level 10 in a minute or so. 


Two tables next to each other.

Eat from first table.

Start eating from second table, and while holding down the action key(Probably mouse1) move view to the first table.

There's only a check ran when the minion starts to eat, not when the minion finishes. So as long as you start eating from a table with food, it will award XP+drop gold and attempt to remove food from a table which has none - Allowing you to loop quickly.

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This is fine within the design