AI Quirks

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2.0.4 (because 2.0.5 isn't available on GOG)

Playing a four player game of King of the Hill against 2 Master AI's on War for the Crown map, with a third Master AI that's my ally (and very lame it is too).

Armageddon was cast three times in fairly close succession by the AI's. I'm guessing once per AI. Kinda pointless the 2nd and 3rd times as it only affects the central thing so did nothing.

AI somehow gets titans and/or Armageddon at the 8 minute mark. I even have a the Passive Research mutator set to 0 (None!). How??? Whether it's cheating or not, that's just absurdly fast and not that fun. (Active research remains at the default 65%). At 18 minutes I get overwhelmed by it and I'm still about 10 sins from being able to even start mine!

AI (Zara) builds lots and lots of the imp-speeding-up things all next to each other. If the effect is cumulative, fine. If it's not... then the extra's are pointless.

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Master AI is called master for a reason, it is supposed to be the ultimate challenge in the game. Don't expect to beat it easily