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Emperat 5 years ago updated by [Dev] Nanorock (Programmer) 4 years ago 8

Level four Heart of Gold - shields for empire units stop showing. Doesn't seem to affect stone sentinels that have popped out of their placements, but does affect every other unit already spawned.

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Forgot to mention that this seems to happen after loading a save.

Side note, but Stone Sentinels on the same level that have been built by the empire after starting don't trigger when your minions are nearby

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Can you confirm for me what your settings are for the displaying unit shields? This may affect any attempt at replication we undertake. :)

80% HUD scale and 100% Unit & Defence Shield Scale. Shield Visibility is set to Default but shouldn't minions in combat or empire units always have their shields showing?

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Thanks for confirming we'll see if we can replicate. Sounds like it could be a quirk of saving and loading related to the default shield visibility settings. Once upon a time, the default was different so perhaps it reverts to an older preset.

I'll pass this on to Cian in case he has any further input but beyond that I think we have what we need to try a quick replication check.

Unfortunately I could not replicate this issue, I set up the settings as mentioned,  play HoG 4 and shields worked properly. I saved then load. And shield still worked as intended.

If you do have the issue happen again, feel free to reopen this ticket, but we'll need you to supply a game log and a save file please ?

Thank you !