[LINUX] crash on campain completion

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When I complete the campaign mission the game crash and I need to start the game to continue to the next campaign mission.

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Steam Public
Jan - Eric Merzel
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Hello Erlaan,

can you please provide some more informations regarding your issue?

for details please read this topic:


in your case i would like to know details about your OS, Hardware and on which level you encounter (unless its just every level)

additionally i would like you to upload a output_log (please use the insert file button on Userecho and do not post the log directly into the post) and if available a crash log as well.

thanks for your report.



My System is
OS Linux
Version Debian 8.4

CPU is Intel Core I7-3820
16GB of ram
GPU is Nvidia Geforce 680 with 361.42

WFTO v1.3.2f3
The only log file i did find was Player.log

This is what files I have

Lee "Noontide" Moon
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Hi Erlaan,

We've made a few fixes over the course of the last few months. Can you confirm for me if you're still suffering from an issue?

I'll be marking this as complete in the meantime.