Mac Book Pro - Performance Issues

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Hi BrightRockGames,

I just purchased War for the Overworld on GoG. Unfortunately, the performance on my Macbook Pro is very poor (even with the graphics turned down to minimum). I assume this is related to my Macbook Pro's specifications being lower that your recommended - this is surprising giving my Macbook Pro is only a year or so old and can run most things I through at it!

I've attached my system details for you to take a look at.

Would appreciate any assistance.

MacBook Pro.spxScreenshot 2018-09-27 at 13.44.05.png

Game Version:
GOG Galaxy

MacBook Pro.spx

Not sure this attached correctly the first time around...

  • Not a Bug

Unfortunately you only just meet the minimum spec of the game so there is nothing we can do about the poor performance.

I would suggest that you play on the lowers video settings and avoid having any other applications open