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Donating Gold-Spell vanished

Roy 5 years ago updated by anonymous 4 years ago 6

Win 10 64bit

Core i7 (2.8ghz), 16gb Ram, Nvidia 1050 ti

WftO-Version: 2.0.4

Language: German


I played a skirmish against Zeam on very hard (to do the achivment) and hasd the colossus. I used the "donate-gold-to minion-Spell" (I dont know how the spell is called in english, the one who donates money to the minion and heals the golem) to heal and pay the golem. I saved the game and rushed into the enemies base. My golem nearly died so I loaded the previous safed game. When I wanted to heal the golem again I saw that the spell was gone. I loaded a Kasita-Game from the campaign and the spell was there again. So I loaded the skirmish game and the spell still was gone.

This is a bug I guess.

Game Version:
Steam Public

Thank you very much. Great support.

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That's a very interesting bug. Thank you for the report.

I'll mark this for review by our QA Analyst when he has a spare moment.

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