multiplayer summoning failes

vheerden 4 years ago updated by anonymous 4 years ago 7

When in multiplayer 3 vs AI, after a summoned titan (or one of the other) is killed I can summon another but then nothing happens. The summoning stone does not appear but the buttons are locked. It does not happen to the one hosting the game, only the clients. During the game the host sometimes is reported to have network problems but it is not clear what is causing it as other games do not have such problems.

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Please try to get the output log from the clients and hosts.
Thanks for the report, highly appreachiated


Marked for Review

Thanks for the report,

As requested by Biervampir it would be hugely helpful if we could get output logs from the host and client for this issue. In the meantime though I'll mark this for review by our QA Analyst.



As requested here are the 3 logs. The summoning failed in the last few minutes of the game with one of the clients. The narrator also repeatedly said 'an ally is summoning an etc'. After that nothing happened.  output_log_HOST.zip

Since hosting the game seems to be a really demanding at times perhaps a dedicated host option is something to consider?

Any updates regarding this issue?

No, we are not currently putting large amounts of resources into fixing issues like this. At a later date we will come through and fix some of these issues when resources become available 


duplicate ticket, will be resolved