Dungeon Core death animations

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I've noticed in recent Undergames and skirmish levels that the death animations of some Underlords' cores are broken.

So far I've noticed that Kasita (haven't checked the silver variant yet, but I imagine it will be the same), Zeam and Rhaskos' cores are all lacking proper death animations, i.e. they go from "alive" to "dead" in what seems like a single frame. Sovereign/Marcus, Kickstarter/Draven and Arcane appear to be ok though.

In addition, Zeam's death state also seems to be broken as some textures that should appear solid are transparent instead - these images should illustrate the problem better - just look at each corner of the depressed dungeon core area.

Image 6633

Image 6634

I'll check out the other dungeon themes in due course and add any broken ones to this ticket.

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Thats pretty ugly, I'll clean it up for next patch


I've just finished checking the rest of the dungeon themes. It seems to just be Kasita (both the gold and silver variants), Founders/Zeam and Rhaskos that are broken.

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All should now have either a correct anim or the correct explosion VFX

Lee "Noontide" Moon
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