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Game losing track of minion location/"teleporting" across the map

jfjduran 4 years ago updated by anonymous 4 years ago 4

I have experienced infrequent instances where when setting a "rally all" flag that involves a large number of minions, sometimes a (seemingly) random minion will be moved to a far-off location that always ends up in enemy territory, so the first time I notice anything amiss is a "minion lost" message out of nowhere.

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This sounds very strange indeed.

Do you know how many minions you had at the time? Was there a particular level you were playing? Was it a particular minion that presented with this behaviour? When you say the unit teleported did it arrive roughly at the location of the rally flag?



I was playing a custom scenario map and would have had at least 30 minions at that point. The units in question were two Gnarlings, and as stated in the original report, were moved entirely across the map and nowhere near where the Rally flag was set.

Can you confirm for us which custom map you were playing? Is it possible that there are custom scripts in use which cause units to move in an unusual manner?

If possible a save file from the level in question with the affected units could be helpful. Please read How to: Submit a Bug Ticket for instructions on how to find these files.

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