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Completing all MPD's but no steam achievement was giving out on SnowHope (level 7), game says competed but steam does not.

The Real Korvek 5 years ago updated by anonymous 4 years ago 7

OS: Windows

Version: 10 Home

Bit: 64-bit

Ram: 16GB

CPU: intel i7-7700

GPU: MSI Duke 1080Ti (11GB Video Ram)

Game Version: v2.0.4

Information: so on 8/11/2018 I played War For The Overworld offline and I have completed SnowHope (level 7) on My Pet Dungeon, the next day I went back  on War For The Overworld online and I did not receive no achievement for completing SnowHope I checked the game achievements in-game and in steam and it says I have not been awarded with the achievement but in My Pet Dungeon game-menu it says its completed. Also I saved an save file of SnowHope before the level was finished, so I played it online again and completed it once again and still no achievement.


Image 6596

Image 6597

Image 6598

Output Log:


Launcher Log:

War for the Overworld Launcher Log.txt

Troubleshooting: None since it is due to Steam and the game not giving me the achievement of me completing SnowHope on My Pet Dungeon.

Game Version:
Steam Public
Pending Customer

Hey The Real Korvek,

How did you go offline? Did you just not start Steam, or did you use the go offline feature?

I just started the the game (WFTO.exe) and it tried to launch it then it said that it can't connect with steam so I pressed a button said "Offline Mode" and that launched the game 100% offline, and by the way I have done this achievement 3rd time and when I did it on my 3rd time I finally got the achievement.

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