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Bug in the first campain misson in War for the Overworld - The Under games Expansion

Alex Thomas 4 years ago updated by anonymous 4 years ago 4

Hello guys,

I have a problem in the first misson of WftO - The Under games Expansion:

If I start the first Mission, the sequence when mendechaus is explaining the Nether Shrines could not be skip with the space key. And there is no voice of mendechaus, he stops reading the undertitle of Nether Shrines. There is no way to get on with the Mission, it stucks in the camera Rotation around the the nether shrines. If I want to get back to the Desktop with the fast button of the menu of WtfO the game does not Response, I have to quit with Task Manager.

My Hardware:

Intel I7 8700

Nividia 1060 GTX

Win 10 home

16 gb rams

I Play the game in Ultra Settings.

Thank you for your time I hope you can solve the Problem.

Game Version:
Steam Public

cant skp this intro passage.jpg

here is the Picture of the Scene where the cam stucks.

Hello agian,

I have tested the game and the Expansion on my lapttop, there is win 8 runnig and medium graphic Details, there it works.

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Hey Alex can we have a look at your Output_Log.txt?

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