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Latest Build (2.0.4) Main Campaign Level 7 Crashes

cboneslinux 4 years ago updated by anonymous 4 years ago 8


Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit

Ryzen 5 1500x

GTX 1050, nvidia-396

16GB RAM DDR4 2400 (PC4 19200)

WftO Build 2.0.4 (Just released)

In the prior public version, I had significant performance issues and many crashes in Level 7 (I think this is the first big map of the campaign).  I played it now for about 1 hour and had just 1 crash this time.  Additionally, performance was better (but still not great with some significant lag and FPS dropping under 10 at times).  I wanted to provide this update in case it could be of any use.

There is no crash report at ~/.config/unity3d/Subterranean Games/War For The Overworld/ but I did copy my log file

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Steam Public
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Hey cbones,

I'm seeing a fairly obvious cause for the low perf in the log, an error is being thrown repeatedly which will greatly slow the game down. While we try to fix that on our end I'd suggest a completely fresh install of the game, just to be safe that nothing has gotten corrupt. Steam is amazing at corrupting installs.

Let us know if that changes anything and we will get back to you with any progress we make.

I have not built a large dungeon to fully test after re-installing, however I notice now that when I choose "quit to desktop" the game locks up and I have to kill the running process for it to close. Since then, a 1.5 MB patch was released which appears to address that.  Do you recommend I uninstall and re-install

Uninstall and reinstall and you should be able to close the game normally. Let us know what the performance is like once you've done that and whether the game is closing correctly

With the update, it does close properly now. I will uninstall again and test a larger dungeon soon.  Once I do so, I will report back here.  Thank you again!

I pushed game speed to 150% and loaded up on units and did not experience any crashes.  The game slows down (expectedly), but still generally runs well and at a steady 20 FPS. I can open another bug if preferred but I noticed 2 things:

*The game really lags and FPS drops into the low single digits when on the "units" tab
*My Pet Dungeon / Lockshackle prompts to "move on" at 70,000 points instead of the stated 75,000 (the achievement activates correctly at 75,000)

Those are both off topic, but the main issue seems to be resolved now, thank you!

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We can operate on those two issues here but opening a new ticket is always better

I noticed today the "move on" prompt appears based on a timer too, and not just on points so that can probably be disregarded.  The FPS drops on the units tab is consistent though.

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Ah yes that sounds right.

Ok please ticket that separately