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[Multiplayer] Creatures fall under the textures.

demonizer3 5 years ago updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 4 years ago 4


Very nasty bug. Creatures fall under the textures after arriving from the portal. 

Youtube video

I was client. Map: Firelands. 

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Steam Public
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Hi Demonizer3,

Thanks for this report very interesting and we really appreciate the video.

I'll pass it on to our QA Analyst to review and see if he can replicate.



Out of Maintenance Scope

Cant replicate

Hi Demonizer3,

As you may be aware at the end of last week we completed our triage pass and unfortunately, this ticket was deemed to be outside of our maintenance scope. To explain this is a visual issue that occurs rarely for the client when a unit is spawned. The unit would not actually be trapped and would, in fact, be present in the game at its intended position on the server's side, this data should be resynced automatically after a brief delay and you will see the unit again in the dungeon.

We appreciate that this is frustrating but at this point in WFTOs development and with the myriad of deep-rooted problems that culminate in what you're seeing here we won't be able to correct the issue without a significant overhaul of much of the foundational code of Multiplayer. Which sadly is out of scope for maintenance.

Sorry that we will not be addressing this issue further.

Kind Regards,