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what to call this wall bug?

Eclipse 4 years ago updated by anonymous 4 years ago 8

Image 6539

see how i'm seeing through the wall to the other side?

i no longer now how mach i how seen this bug wall bug.

happen with walls over unclaimed tiles only, like dirt and water to name 2 and as seen in the pic, lava, basically all neutrals.

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Hi Eclipse,

Thanks for the report and screenshot. We'll take it into our queue and investigate it further when we have some spare time.

In the meantime can you confirm for us whether this issue occurs in RTS view or in Possession view only?



there is no only, it happens in both RTS and Possession views. if you find it in 1 view, then change to the other, you'll still see it, if the wall's tile is still neutral.
if i put a stone bridge there, the wall bug will fix, but once i remove the stone bridge, that wall bug will return to the same wall. 
if looking for it, it doesn't always happen, and if it does, it's a matter of looking the right way and not being to busy to miss it.

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