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Kasita's achievement and gift is missing

Eclipse 5 years ago updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 5 years ago 7

i don't know what to say about this, so here is a pic. just see what is in the 2 green boxes.

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can you fix that by adding a new theme and worker? Kasita's theme and worker is given for winning Heart of Gold after all, so Kasita's undergames achievement set need a new theme and worker to give for winning as her, and she is the hardest to play as.without a theme and worker to give, there is no real point on playing as her.

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"...without a theme and worker to give, there is no real point on playing as her."

Other than, you know, fun?

with how hard she is? no, no point still. played map 1 as all 4 on the easiest difficulty, and with the other 3, no one of my 2 core shards got hit, but as Kasita, i came very close to losing one. it just isn't werth it if it's that hard playing the easiest difficulty as her. i still feel she needs a theme and worker to give you..... or just a theme.

You just need some practice with her playstyle. She's not that hard to play as - Sentinel spam is the way to go. Her theme is already unlocked by playing Heart of Gold though, so there's nothing else that could be unlocked here anyway.

not so. her theme is up in gold and silver, but not bronze, brass or copper. they could use one of those, or they could just make the gold bloody or old and damaged.

I very much doubt it at this stage.

still be nice to have a new theme to work for.

Not a Bug

Kasita is a bonus character who is unlocked by owning the Heart of Gold expansion. She's not really one of the main characters of the Under Games and already has two separate sets of rewards for The Heart of Gold campaign. The cost of new themes is pretty prohibitive to making them so I'm afraid we won't be giving her a new theme especially for The Under Games.