Map editor: Accidently mixing up level data?

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Hello there!

I have encountered two glaring issues with the map editor.

The first one is easily explained: Whenever I open a map in the "finished maps" category, it will completely ruin the level script. The player settings (color, theme etc.) are set on standard and all object IDs are apparently lost.

The second one is way more tricky, since I don't really know what causes this. It happened several times and is getting really frustrating as I try to make a campaign. So I will retrace everything I did today when it happened again.

1. I played my scenario: Caradrico. Finished the level and noticed one of the scripts wasn't working as I intended. 

2. Opened the map in the editor to figure it out. I want a herogate to continously spawn enemy waves, but I couldn't get it to work.

3. I decided to create a test map solely for the purpose to write a script that makes it work. I didn't during it, but I used the "export and test" option frequently.

4. I finally got it to work and wanted to apply my newfound insights to the Caradrico map. I opened the Caradrico map and rewrote parts of its script. When I wanted to publish it, it was all good and normal. But then...

5. I saved the map before publishing it locally. Once I wanted to publish it happened again. I noticed the description was lost and replaced by the description of the test map. Its setting were also set back to standard. Victory debrief screen was lost etc.

6. I quit without saving, but it was to no avail. On the editor it already showed the herogate test map name as its map name, instead of you know...Caradrico as it should be. 

Like I said, it's not the first time this bug happened. However, I made another mistake.

7. I opened the "finished" Map in the weird hope of restoring it (which worked once for some reason). But nope. Destroyed my script and the author name was changed to a weird set of numbers, which look very much like the level keys that are usuallly applied.

I have made a few screens of this where this weird occurences can be seen. As I said I don't really know what EXACTLY causes this. This is what I did today when it happened again, so I hope this is enough to recreate the bug. The map was of course already included in a campaign during the entire time.

Don't get me wrong: I LOVE the new editor and its vast possibilities, so I apologize for this report sounding like a rant. But this bug makes it so incredibly frustrating as I become more and more paranoid about editing my maps.

Played it on Windows 7 64bit and used the Steam version. Game version is: 2.0.3f1



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I can verify this - I've experienced the same issues with "finished" map data overwriting that of other "unfinished" maps.

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[Dev] Nanorock
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[Dev] Nanorock

So I fixed the import / edit map coming with broken scripts.

However I could not replicate with the steps above the map override issue :^(

I appreciate how frustrating it must be and I apologize for that, however I will need replication steps to be able to pinpoint the exact issue. If I get time I might hunt how to replicate but until then if anyone have a reliable way to produce this, I'm all hear.

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