Map Editor: Claimable Inhibitors

Kasrkin84 5 years ago updated by anonymous 4 years ago 4

I've recently created a bunch of maps, all of which have a single Inhibitor on them. I never noticed this at the time, but now I've tried playtesting some of them I've noticed that the Inhibitors are for some reason claimable. This leads to the situation where my workers might claim an Inhibitor before my other minions can destroy it, thus rendering it indestructible.

This hasn't happened on every map I've made, but definitely on most. The strange part is that if I open the map in the editor again and place down a new Inhibitor somewhere else, it will correctly say it is "Unclaimable", but if I try deleting and replacing the original Inhibitor in the same location, or up to a few blocks away, it will still be "Claimable".

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I've looked into this a little further, and it turns out it's not just the Inhibitors. For some reason, ANY tile within a particular 3x3 area will always be claimable. For example, I tried replacing one of the affected Inhibitors with a 3x3 area of Sacred Ground tiles, and it was still marked as "claimable". This also results in the strange situation where if an Inhibitor is placed only partially within this 3x3 area, then only part of it will show as being claimable but the rest won't.

The only thing I can think of is that the affected maps used to have Overworld Gateways at these locations before I replaced them with Inhibitors, so maybe it's actually those that are somehow bugged instead.

EDIT: So, I've done some tests and it's definitely the Overworld Gateways. Place down an Overworld Gateway in the map editor, then delete it and place anything else there and it will always show up as claimable unless it's some kind of wall block. Even water/lava/blood/liquid gold/chasms have the problem.

EDIT 2: More tests. Water/lava/blood/liquid gold/chasms/sacred ground all show up in-game as being "claimable" in the tooltips, but workers aren't actually able to claim them. Workers will however claim Inhibitors (even before they're destroyed) and the Phaestian Road (which is supposed to be unclaimable).

Right, I've figured out a workaround for this. For every 3x3 area that has this problem, do the following:

  1. Replace whatever was in the area before with a new Overworld Gateway
  2. Through its right-click menu, set the Overworld Gateway so that it doesn't produce spawns and is destroyable;
  3. Save and quit;
  4. Load the map in the editor again;
  5. Remove the Overworld Gateway;
  6. Place a new Inhibitor - the tooltips should now say "unclaimable".

It's fiddly and tedious, but it works.