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bug not known

Eclipse 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 6

not a lot i can say this time. the bug stops you building new things or picking spills to use, and hit ESC, but the minu where you can save never shows. you can only do f$^k out now. look where my hand is in the pic, and see that that thing i wnat isn't lighting up.

Image 6468

the info for it is showing, but that is 100% it. i can't use it by picking it. bug showed up 3 times in the new under games, 1ST level. this is the 3RD time.

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Steam Public

talking of unknown bugs, what is with this?

the game is not letting me attack.

another bug. this is from a loaded game.

the 2 guys in the red boxes are not attack-able.

3 bugs in need of fixing.

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Hey Eclipse,

Could you please upload your output_log.txt file?

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WFTO logs.zip
the zip is holding the output_log and error .txt files

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We have released an update today, let us know if any of these issues occur again on the new version

ok. issue 1 will take time, is it's still there, but issues 2 and 3 will but findable faster..... or should be. i'll be sure to let you know.