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creatures get stuck in nothing

Eclipse 5 years ago updated by anonymous 4 years ago 6

creatures get stuck in nothing at times, and you can't help them out of it. i lost one of my top creatures to this. if you see the pic, you'll see a creature stuck in nothing and in a red O. it can't move and as seen, it very mad. and no, that isn't one of my own.

Image 6466

what is going on here?

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that creature turned on it's owner befour i ended it by taking the core down

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Hi Eclipse

Thanks for the report and sorry for the issue.

Can you confirm for me which game mode this was in and on what level.

Can you also confirm you were on the latest version (v2.0.3f1) at the time.



latest version, i did have.

the game mode is the new under games.

the pic shows the level played.

if you need to know who i played as, it was Volta.

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Cheers, I'll pass it through for our QA review to see if we can work out why a unit would become stuck in that location.

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Cant replicate