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Level 10 save file makes game freeze a few seconds after loading

glalejos 5 years ago updated by anonymous 4 years ago 6


The game freezes some seconds after loading a save file of level 10. This save file was created after an hour of so of game play. The game was stuttering a lot by the time I saved it. I experienced some few stability problems in other levels, but I managed to work around them somehow. However I couldn't find a way to work around this one.

I'm unsure if the attached files actually are the save files, I've located them by looking at modification times (the path is "~/GOG Games/War for the Overworld/game/WFTOGame_Data/GameData/Maps/").

10 arcane fortress the kenos_20180625213525
10 arcane fortress the kenos_20180625213525.meta

OS: Linux

Version: Debian 9


  • 16GiB RAM
  • 3D controller: NVIDIA Corporation Device 1c8d (rev a1)
    • NVIDIA driver 390.48, with bumblebee

I don't have access to the build number right now, it is the latest GOG version.

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Hi Glalejos,

Thanks for submitting this report and including your save files and specs.

I'll pass this through to our QA Analyst. If possible could you also find and include a player.log from an affected session as suggested here: How to: Submit a Bug Ticket



Thanks Lee. Please, find the file "Player.log" attached.


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This log is from a significantly older version of the game. Please update to v2.0.6f2 and let us know if anything changes

v2.0.6f2 seems to fix the problem, whatever it was.

Thank you!

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Great let us know if you have any further issues!