Debug console should be unlocked when testing a map

journeywithin 5 years ago updated by anonymous 5 years ago 5

Having to enter the debug console password to use the console when testing a map is annoying.  Can you make it so the debug console commands are available when export/testing maps in the map editor?

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Hi Journeywithin,

We generally do not provide access to the debug console outside of our development team as it is intended to be a developers tool though some tools in it are provided for use even without the console being unlocked. The concern is that the debug commands allow players to do things outside of expected parameters and make supporting users difficult if they make use of such tools.

We're always happy to take feedback however so please let me know what use you're looking to make out of the debug console and what commands you are using. I'd be happy to take any feedback so we can make a decision of what we want to do with the console moving forwards.



I already know the password - I just don't want to enter it every time I open the debug console ;)  Perhaps you can add a start option like "-debug" that allows use of the console without constant password entry ;)

OR make some commands non-password protected such as clear for example.  But there a ton of useful commands such as adjusting stuff that can be done in mighyscript but not godmode such as changing gold or mana; turning off the ai; changing teams; completing potions/rituals; etc.


We dont want to encourage it, more power to you is you're able to leverage it properly 

What about adding in some player friendly commands like clear; toggleai; setgold; setmana; showmap (turn off fog of war?); etc.  Stuff that can be used to test your map without using mutators.  OR not a debug console but a "test console" so you can log/output stuff and maybe have a few friendly gui buttons.  I can do a simple mockup if you like.  Since your ui uses css, perhaps I can submit some code and you can add functionality to it?

Unfortunately we wont be putting any time into this, MS already gives you a huge toolbox