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Progress not saving

Smoldar 4 years ago updated by anonymous 4 years ago 2

Windows 10

64 Bits

16GB Ram

i5-4430 @ 3.00GHz CPU


Using Build 2.0.2, no Betas.

Starter a new campaign after a clean install and my progress of the campaign is not saving. I get achievements but no "history" progress whatsoever.

Base campaign, first map (Awakening), played the game as normal, and noticed that there was no progress save on the campaign whatsoever. If i click on the first map (that is highlighted) i'm prompted to play it again as normal, but i can't get to the next map.

After the victory, clicked on "continue" and went back to the map. Not able to go forward.

If i close the game and go back in, there is no progress. No achievements too.

Attached the output log, save file (the only file that was inside the folder) and images of Victory screen and not being able to click on next level.

Victory screen

Can't select next lvl

Game Version:
Steam Public

Issue was steam session fking up. Uninstalled Steam, cleaned up all local files and installed again. Now progress is going as normal (even my old save file is still there xD)

Completed - Resolved

Ha glad to hear its been solved