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Legacy map game saves

Eclipse 4 years ago updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 4 years ago 7

Legacy map game saves are going to the wrong save tab. as seen in the pic, the Legacy map save is living in the Scenario map game save tab, not the Legacy map game save tab where it should be.

The pic should have all the info you need.

Image 6402

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This will get looked into but may not be fixed due to its low impact

so when can we have it fixed? i'm sure others, like me, have the best part of 500-600 Legacy maps are getting bugged by this. if that is the case, is there a way i can more that save to the right tab in my side, and if so, how?

Reexporting the map from the map editor again will allow you to change it to the correct category.

We do not yet have a timeline for our next patch

it didn't work. unsubed and resubed and redownloaded all maps from the workshop, then started the same map over and saved, but the new save is still living in the Scenario tab, not the Legacy tab. some seem to not go away once unsubed. what now?

just tryed a 100% new map to me. the map goes to the right stop, but the save is hiding in the Scenario tab still

Out of Maintenance Scope

Hi Eclipse,

We have just completed our triage checks of all reported issues. Sadly this one has not passed into our queue as the issue is deeply rooted and costly to fix versus its relative impact on the game.

Sorry that we won't be addressing this issue further. Please don't let this discourage you for reporting issues in the future, many of the tickets in our triage queue have successfully passed triage and have been assigned a priority in our work queue.

Kind Regards,