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The Cynical Imp - can't buy the bigger one

Ultimato 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 4

I bought the 3€ Version of the The Cynical Imp (Charity DLC) but now also want buy the other parts of this package but this isn't possible because steam tells me I already own that DLC

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Hi Ultimato.

Have you tried buying the DLC package here http://buy.wftogame.com/charity/ rather than from Steam directly. You'll still get a steam key as normal which you should be able to redeem for the additional parts you're missing without Steam complaining you already own the DLC.

ok, I will try it but what can I do if I'm not able to redeem that key?

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If you are unable to redeem the key then get back to us, it should however be fine.

worked. now i have just 2 times the cynical imp dlc but anyway