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Infinite gold with my worker

gege999 5 years ago updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 5 years ago 6

Windows 10 64 bits (1709) (16299.125)

Ram : 32 Go

CPU : I7 6700K

WFTO GOG build 2.02

Map : fleuve dor_20180701195401.metaoutput_log.txtfleuve dor_20180701195401skirmish 2 players  golden river


Infinite gold with my worker (i think it’s not an option in gameplay ?)


No bug when i start the map, the bug appear later.


My worker put down gold on my vault without working to gain gold.

The best way to see that (close all workers in an aera), spend all my gold (potion or spirit chamber for exemple) take one worker and put down in a vault and the worker put gold without working to find gold with no limit.

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Hi gege999,

Are you sure the worker didn't retrieve gold in some other way? It may have picked it up from the Tavern, or may have collected it from another source. It's also possible they still had gold in their inventory and dropping them in the vault caused them to drop it.

Was it a single worker you were looping in dropping or was it multiple? Did your worker drop gold each time you dropped him?



In fact it’s not worker the problem. I noticed on each case’s vault i have serval gold pile for exemple on 1 case i have 7 gold pile (16000, 16000, 15000, 14000, 14000, 12000 and 8000 gold) and you can see generally one only. When i put down a worker with 0 gold on him in the vault he go to a case with several gold pile and he fill the vault.


But i don’t understant why i have so more gold, all this level i always have gold problem i must use avarice ritual to gain gold all the time (no use gold shrine). It’s normal i have more gold pile on 1 case (i have more 40 cases (vault and dungeon core) with maybe 4 gold pile in average  = 160 gold pile ????


Hi Gege999,

Is the gold you're seeing coming from the Tavern or are these piles already present in the Vault? It's probable that these piles were either generated because there wasn't enough space in the Vault at the time and they were just left. In this case Gold Piles tend to pile into each other and thus become very large. A Pile of 16,000 gold would fill 16 tiles in a vault.



« Is the gold you're seeing coming from the Tavern or are these piles already present in the Vault »

No idea, on this map as I said I did not have enough money and then no gold problem, i don’t know how i win all this gold.


I do an another party on this map, and i watch my gold amount, I will tell you if I have the same experience.



I played again on the same map and I had no problem with my gold. You can close the subject.

Thank you.

Completed - Resolved

Good to hear. Closing the topic.