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Mana Vault permanent max mana loss

zimberzimber 5 years ago updated by anonymous 4 years ago 6

When you place a mana vault after you've maxed out your mana via sin research, they will no longer grant extra max mana, as they shouldn't.

But getting rid of them would permanently reduce the max mana by 50 per vault.

Hard cap is 600, as it won't go below it.

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Hello Zimberzimber,

The issue is that your max mana in Skirmish should be 2000. So you've not maxed out your max mana. But yet adding a Mana Vault does not raise your max mana (that's the bug). I could not reproduce the issue, but I do see it on your video. Could you please provide us with a log after having the issue, and ideally also a save file of the map your showing up in the video =)

Thank you !


Never mind ! I found the repro steps = ) Should be fixed soon

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