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Cannot add units to Warband/Peacband

willett sam 5 years ago updated by anonymous 4 years ago 6

Unable to add units to Warband or Peaceband. Noticed on Level 5 of main campaign. Whenever the unit add option is active on the hand (white + sign banner), a red X appears over the icon when hovering anything on the unit panel. Does not work when clicking units in the field either.



5 spine of kairos the rear guard_20180629153827

5 spine of kairos the rear guard_20180629153827.meta

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Hi Willett.Sam ,

Thanks for the report and for including the save files. I'll mark this for review by our QA Analyst to check out to see if he can reproduce the behaviour. He'll get back to you probably sometime in the coming days.



Not a Bug

They're all already in the peaceband