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Unable to own artifacts on HOG rhoads level

Ryan Cosford 5 years ago updated by anonymous 5 years ago 5

so playing HOG rhoads level, sorry if spelt wrong, artifacts scattered around map as well as the shrines, obviously the road itself is unclaimable as it’s empire and charm protected as mendachaus explains.

I dig a path so imps can retrieve an artifacts to take to library, at some point along the unclaimable “road” either due to a wave of enemies or the imps not navigating around lava correctly bug, the imp  carrying artifacts dies and artifacts stays on road however at this point the artifacts is unretreiveable. It’s on enemy owned land, I can’t pick it up, my imps ignore it.

What to do?

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There's no guarantee this will be fixed, it is an issue with the map design. I've sent this to the designer to review

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Completed - Resolved