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No postal worker

Ryan Cosford 5 years ago updated by anonymous 5 years ago 6

I wanted the postal worker skin that you get by signing up for newsletter so I did that from the main menu and put my email in and ticked the box and it said I had registered but I have received no authentication email and I have no postal worker, if I click the newsletter button on main menu as I did to initially sign up and put my email in as before it simply says I’m already registered. 😭

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100% happy with the guys who monitor this service. Very fast feedback and no one makes you feel stupid, especially if you’ve made yourself look that way.

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Ps  I did this several days ago after the 2.0.1 update

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Have you tried to sign up again? What happens if you retry?

Using the link on main menu, it simply says I’m already signed up


Where are you checking if you have the Postal worker?

You should try to start a Skirmish game and then select a worker theme

yep that works, it was me being retarded, I was expecting the main menu button to update once I’d registered as I thought it surely wouldn’t be saying I could subscribe if I’m already subscribed.

You may close the ticket.

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Glad to hear its fixed, let us know if you have any further issues