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creatures and needs

Ryan Cosford 5 years ago updated by anonymous 5 years ago 7

i believe that minions are waiting till the last second to meet their needs (waiting for them to get to 0%)before getting them satisfied - e.g vampire - i get notification saying make sure i have minions in prison before vampire starves - when i click on notification i view the needs of said vampire and it is at 0% and he is heading for the prison which at that time is full to the brim.

same thing happens with other minions in terms of getting pay, hunger, sleep, they seem to wait until their need is empty before replenishing.

i have my tea at teatime, i get full but then a couple of hours after i might much on some cookies to keep my hunger need full,,i dont wait until i'm anorexic before thinking "hmm maybe i better have some soup.

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Hi Ryan,

Thanks for reporting this. We'll be looking into it most likely this week.

The only thing that might help us further here is a save from the game in question where units were not appropriately fulfilling their needs as this behaviour can sometimes be hard to replicate.



hi lee,

I’ll see what I can do this evening, I might have got a save from last night as it has happened every time since 2.0.1, but I’ve not saved that much.

To replicate, I would suggest just playing a level normally, only thing I’ve not touched is any my pet dungeon level or the home realm in original campaign. Since the update I’ve played campaign 1 and I’m on final level of HOG which is where the save will most likely come from.

But yes if you want to replicate just play normally.


I'll send this in for design to review

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