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On Templates Spawn does not trigger (regression from 2.0.0)

bzy xyz 4 years ago updated by anonymous 4 years ago 6

The "On Templates Spawn" trigger does not behave as advertised.


  1. Create a new custom map.
  2. Add a Dungeon Core, Foundry, and Underworld Gateway owned by Player 1.
  3. Create a patch of Dirt distant from the above.
  4. Create a party "Party 1" with 1 Chunder.
  5. Add a script with trigger "On Start" and action "Spawn Party" spawning Party 1 somewhere.
  6. Add a script with trigger "On Templates Spawn" with chosen template Chunder and action "Teleport Entity" with entity "Triggering Entity" and destination in the Dirt patch from step 3.
  7. Export and test.
  8. During the test, spawn a Chunder from the God Mode menu, and also wait for a Chunder to arrive through the portal.

Expected: All three Chunders (and subsequent ones) appear at the patch of Dirt in Step 3.

Actual: Each Chunder appears where initially spawned.

Note: The action in step 6 can be replaced freely, and will not trigger.

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Steam Public

On further investigation this issue seems to be primarily limited to the following cases:

* The Teleport Entity action.

* Units spawned in by an "On Start" -> "Spawn Party".

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Thanks for reporting this bzy.xyz,

I'll draw this to the attention of our QA Analyst for replication. Unfortunately the programmer responsible for Mighty Script is on leave this week so any fix may have to wait until next week at the earliest.



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