HOG L4 Boss glitch

nicola_canham 5 years ago updated by anonymous 5 years ago 3

When all inhibitors are destroyed and you progress to the main throne room to kill the main hero, everytime I kill him it gets stuck in a repeating loop of him lurching over. The camera pans and info appears that I have been successful but cannot press space to complete the level. The game just is completely unresponsive. I have completed before without any issues before undergames was purchased.

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Hi Nicola,

Thanks for the report, I'll pass this through to our QA Analyst to take a look into when get gets a moment.



Pending Customer

Hey nicola,

The lurching has been fixed internally. As for the end sequence can I confirm that you placed the rally flag in the highlighted area and started the end cutscene?


Declined due to lack of response