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V2.0f9 - "Select Ritual Tab" Hotkey not working

devnull 5 years ago updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 4 years ago 7


Bind "Controls"->"UI Controls"->"Select Ritual Tab" to e.g. G

Build Sanctuary.

Select e.g. Buildings Tab with mouse.

Press G.

Sanctuary tab not selected.

All other Tab hotkeys (e.g. "Select Potion Tab" after building an Alchemy Lab) work.

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Hey devnull,

This is working fine for me, are you sure that the key bind was successful?

It just worked for me (without changing anything in the binds) too.

I have tested it further, it has to do with loading.

- Start Game

- Select Under Games (never been in Under Games before)

- Shale

- Click first mission left bottom

- Open Veins Of Evil, Click Sancuary to unlock. (new tab appears).

- Hotkey works!

- Save game under e.g. A

- Load this game (does not matter if you exit game first or directly after saving).

- Hotkey stopped working.

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