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[Skirmish] Payday can result in stalemates.

woudo 5 years ago updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 4 years ago 8

Take one look at the 4-player Deathmatch map, Payday, and you'll see why this map design is a problem. There's one way in and out of the player's base, and it's sealed by brimstone on the defender's side and obsidian on the attacker's side.

If the defender chooses to do nothing, the attacker can never breach their base and the match will never progress.

Obvious remedy would be "Don't play with shit people", but you could also just swap the obsidian to Brimstone.

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Better fix might just be to put a tile of dirt floor somewhere behind it so construction + outpost can be used to force entry.

You'd need to put the dirt patch in the middle of the brimstone while still allowing it to go around, and even if you did that, the defending player can use infernal urns to dig up the brimstone and claim the tile without triggering the obsidian.

The obsidian needs to go.

If a player used the infernal urn it would also chain react and convert the obsidian allowing it to be mined out. The only way this is a problem is if someone intentionally decides to "troll" by choosing not break down the wall (ever). In which case they can never win, which makes it futile and pointless.

Considering that there is no ranking system in WFTO they have absolutely nothing to gain from doing so, and you have nothing to lose by saying "well screw you then I quit".

Swapping it to Brimstone makes it very (VERY) easy to rush since there is such a large amount of open space already. Swapping the Obsidian for Brimstone will change the dynamic of the map significantly, that's why I put Obsidian there in the first place.

I agree here with Woudu. I do not really like the outpost/construction combination and see it as gimmicky.

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