The Under Games - AI does not react in most of the time and games

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Hello, I'm not sure if its already reported, but it seems no. Anyway this seems to be a massive bug:

(Info: I played the Campaign and Skirmish at the hard and at the master difficulty)

The AI/the opponent Underlords in the campaign of The Under Games (and sometimes in skirmish) don't react if my workers claim the areas. My workers fight against the opponent workers, yes, but my workers got more and more areas (specially when I have more workers than the opponent or when I summon more workers).

Its very rare that an opponent sends any minions to my workers and in the last games (In the final of The Under Games and later with an other playable underlord in the first round) I have won while the AI still had many of their minions alive, which only reacted as I had attacked their dungeon cores/core shards.

Generally the AI in The Under Games campaign (and very often in skirmish at core shards) does not attack the opponent core shards with minions, not mine and not the core shards of other AI-Underlords.

And in the final of The Under Games I played Volta against Oberon and Kasita, but both AI-Opponents did not try to claim the shrines of the banshees in the middle of the map. And they did not fight against each other because their workes as I wrote fought against the opponent workers.

I don´t know what´s up with the game at this time, but anything is extremely wrong with the AI. The Campaign The Under Games was really difficult in hard and master difficulty at the start of the expansion, but now its extremely easy and the AI is much weaker.

Maybe you can look into it and say if you can fix it or whats up with it.

Thank you for your effort and time!


Eric the Mendechaus Cultist

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Lee "Noontide" Moon Designer & Community Manager
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Hi Eric,

Thanks for the report I'll pass it through to our QA Analyst to mull over. There's more tweaks coming to the AI in 2.0.1 though so you may find this is resolved next patch.




This is very good, thank you for your answer.



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Lee "Noontide" Moon Designer & Community Manager
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