Heart of Gold Level 2 - Rhoad

th3awak3n1ng 5 years ago updated by anonymous 5 years ago 6

Heart of Gold Level 2 - Rhoad

After a minion claims altar in the red circle (see image 1), it is not clickable.  Furthermore, after claiming, quick saves and regular saves become corrupt prompting an error message (see image 2).

I now how to start the level all over, but there is no point since I cannot progress past this problem until fixed.

Image 1:

Image 5807

Image 2:

Image 5808

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Hi th3awak3n1ng

Thanks for the report we'll look into it. Certainly doesn't sound very healthy especially if it's causing corrupt saves!



I'd like to add this level is a mess, for me anyway.  I bypassed the first marked alter, forbid my workers from claiming it and continued playing the level.  After claiming the new alter marked in the image below, it too was not clickable.  Now, after loading a save from before I claimed it, I can't even make a new save, the game just hangs forever and I am forced to use task manager to close it.

Pending Customer

Can you please upload the broken saves

How to: Locate your save files

Unfortunately I no longer have them.  If you would like, I can rush through part of the level and try getting a corrupt save file.  I was able to finish the level starting new without saving, so the problem is with saving and loading.

Please give that a go, we can't look into this further until we have a save


Declined due to lack of response