Incorrect mentor comment - Calls sleepy minions out as angry about pay.

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If you neglect to build a Lair, your minions will start crackin' a tanty. When they do, Mendechaus will wrongly state that they're angry about being unpaid. Not sure if it's all lines or just one, but in this particular instance the exact line is;

A minion is getting angry because it hasn't been paid.

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Thanks for the report! Were you able to identify which minion was upset? Usually clicking the alert or pressing space bar when the audio is playing will take you to the offender, or checking the units panel could help identify.

Might be important for us identifying which unit is misfiring the alert.


It's a good thing you asked, turns out they actually are rightly angry about being unpaid; they're also presumably angry about being unfed. It seems some creatures just don't tend to any of their needs if they don't have access to a lair.



The dungeon has every room except a Lair. The tavern is full and the treasury is full. However some of the (intelligent) minions just aren't tending to themselves; there's two crackpots and an augre that are angry about no pay and have extremely low food levels, but do nothing about it.

-- But it seems if you reload the save, they immediately recognize their problems and go collect their wage and then a meal at the tavern straight afterwards.

I dumped all the creatures down the portal and started again, spawning one of each creature and waiting five minutes. On the second attempt, it was an augre and a chunder that didn't tend to themselves. Additionally, i'm not sure how the augre and chunder are at 0% sleep when every other creature is at 65%.

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With all that said, the mentor call-out comments are accurate. They are complaining about no money, but it's a result of them not fetching the money.

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Thanks for this. I'll pass it through for our QA Analyst to take a look into. :)



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This is fixed internally

Lee "Noontide" Moon Designer & Community Manager
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