If you pick up a sleeping gnarling and drop them, sometimes they act as if they are still asleep while walking around

Blacksky 10 months ago • updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Community Manager) 9 months ago 6

In one of the custom campaigns I picked up a gnarling who was asleep but angry about not being paid. I dropped him on the vault but when he moved towards the gold he was still lying down and no animation played.

As a side note, sometimes minions such as the cultist can be working in their room right next to a brimming vault that has been that way for ages, yet be angry about not being paid.

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Thanks a lot for fixing this!

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I've just confirmed that dropping any sleeping unit will result in them scooting across the floor like that.

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Thanks for the report we'll take a look at it :)

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This is something that has to be fixed on a unit by unit basis. Could you please list the units that you've seen this happen with?

Completed - Next Patch

Should no longer be an issue next patch