Map Editor: AI activates when export map fails

journeywithin 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 5

creepy caverns_edit_76561197993291628.meta

creepy caverns_edit_76561197993291628


Super annoying bug.  Files attached for a new session.

Bug: On the map above, when I "export", the game tells me something like "cannot export, factions are required to be in order...", HOWEVER, either the blue or yellow AI (or both) will start spawning workers at their hearts as if they were playing the game IN THE MAP EDITOR.  I can't access the escape menu and have to alt+f4 to exit.

Have fun figuring this one out!

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:O This isn't good at all! Thanks for the report we'll look into it!



The message is telling you that faction need to be used in order. You have Green Blue, NO red, and then yellow being used.

For various reasons this is not supported and prevent export. Remove the yellow core and use red instead (you can still force yellow color in the map settings).

I could not replicate the workers spawning in editor

Did you load my map and run it?  Did the imps not spawn when the export failed?

The map was partially being used to test empire vs. underlord stuff (like how empire undead units don't lose health and rage when spawned via mightyscript).  That is why ai4 was being used (because I was seeing if setting it to empire terrain would make it follow empire undead mechanics).