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Multiple bugs

l corbeau 5 years ago updated by anonymous 5 years ago 7

Played as Volta.

Played on Medium

Mission: With the 4 banshee artifacts in the center(1:1:1)  After i destroyed the most left sided AI my Keyboard function was gone (coulnt use any keys or arrows) Had to reload the save game to get it back. Mouse function was still availeble


Co-Op mission Volta and Kira(i think)

Played on easy

- Mini map  keeps dissappearing and later returning

- Mana vault didnt add any mana to my maximum

Small AI problem ( think), Played this 1 on easy, i rushed towards the left and middle underhill towers, Didnt claim them (used anti claim flag), build up defence first.Removed flags , and won the match since AI didnt even bother to dig or attack me. Havent tried it on medium or harder

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Steam Public
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Can you please provide a log for us to review?


First output log. In this mission my keyboard function dropped.

Mission Moonblush

Here my mini map kept disappearing


Hope it helps

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Thanks for submitting the log for us. I'll make sure this is reviewed now that we've got that.



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The map is fixed in the next update.

Mana vault can only add until 2000, you cannot have more than 2k mana

We will look into the keyboard

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Has this happened since? The log does not contain anything we can go off of

Completed - Resolved

Assumed fixed due to a lack of response