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Midas Door

th3awak3n1ng 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 5

Playing mission to Steal the Kenos.

Midas door is destroyed after taking 1000 damage.  Gold is not consumed at all.

Game Version:
Steam Public

For precise information:

War for the Overworld Level 10 - Arcane Fortress

Using a midas door on this level does not consume gold and is destroyed after taking default damage of 1000 hp.

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Hi th3awak3n1ng,

Did you close the door? The door's special mechanics only function if the door is closed, otherwise it behaves as though it has its standard healthpool.



Yes, it was locked to all creatures.

Cannot Replicate

Very strange indeed. Unfortunately in a quick check on our internal build the door seems to work on the level in question. It's possible something else might have happened to cause this but for now I can't replicate. Also possible that we've incidentally resolved the issue through fixing something else internally, so if if the issue is still happening in the live build it may be the case that it will be resolved in the upcoming v2.0.1. :)

In any case we'll keep our eye out for it but I will have to decline this ticket so far as I cannot replicate the issue. Further information might help us determine a way to replicate it such as screenshots, videos or a save file where the issue is happening. :)

Thanks for the report, hopefully this will be be fixed for you in 2.0.1!

Thanks for taking the time to check it out.  I will wait for 2.0.1 to play the level again.  If it still occurs for me, I will make a video of it.