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Saved games unable to be loaded (Patch 2.0)

terminusx 5 years ago updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 5 years ago 10

System information.

OS: Windows 8.1



Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-5200U CPU @ 2.20GHz, 2201 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s)

Intel(R) HD graphics 5500

NVIDIA GeForce 840M

Game version: v2.0f9

The problem.

Right, with the specs out of the way, the problem is as follows: having bought the game during patch 1.6 (Underlord edition), I was able to play without problems until the Undergames update, but the update itself doesn't seem to have been the cause of the breakdown. While playing through the campaign (playing on Master-difficulty as Volta), I experienced a few of the other logged bugs (UI glitches, odd drops in performance) but was able to play without significant impediment until I reached Volta's lv7. After playing for 1:28 hours on that map, I saved the game and quit to the desktop shortly afterwards. In a persistent issue, the game crashed while trying to close and thus I believe I used task manager to kill the program. Since this incident, I have been unable to successfully load either my recent saves or the older ones pre-dating that day. While the rest of the game plays fine, the loss of my progress (especially with my Master-difficulty campaign) is frustrating and it is becoming impossible to play the game due to the loss of the loading function.

Details and steps taken.

While attempting to resolve the issue, I backed up my save folder and reinstalled the entire game. However, all this seems to have done is reset my progress in the Undergames (due to Steam's cloud-save function having run out of space, which in itself wasn't causing any problems prior to that day) while the load function remains out of commission. While attempting to load a game, the game's load bar will reach exactly the halfway point but will not load beyond this point under any observed circumstances.

It is important to note that the game neither freezes or crashes during these load attempts, but simply idles indefinitely as the load process seems to fail to complete for whatever reason.

It is fully possible to save as normal, as I have been able to save games, just not load them.

I have access to a subsequent day's log (where I quit after another failed attempt to load a game) and a screenshot of the loading bar should they prove helpful.

Game Version:
Steam Public

While I'll have to wait until the new patch to reap the benefits, I'm impressed by how fast the customer service was during such a busy period! Thanks to everyone who put time into this!

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Hi Terminusx,

Sorry for the delay in response we've been very busy lately.

This certainly sounds quite abnormal and we'd love to get a closer look in. If possible can you provide us an output log from an affected session (where you attempt to load a game) and ideally some of the affected save files to see if we can load them.




This is the output log from my last session, which I quit following the game going into an indefinite state of failure (as it doesn't crash, but never visually loads the saves beyond the 50% mark).

Interestingly, while searching through my saves, it appears that some of them are missing .META files (I assume, since there are usually two files, that this might have some bearing on it?) Examples to follow.

Actually, having looked again, I wrote the problem as the are missing META files while in fact there are nothing but META files for some of the saves... oops.

7 grand final meat maker_20180502125357.meta

7 grand final meat maker_20180502131437.meta

7 grand final meat maker_20180502131913.meta

These are the three most recent campaign saves I made during my playthrough of the Undergames (Volta, Master difficulty.)

More to follow...

border war_20180501155627.meta

border war_20180501155627

Finally, these are my most recent Skirmish saves (against a Hard Shale AI).

I'd originally assumed the problem to be something with the Undergames itself, but the load function appears to have been broken for all game-modes and scenarios, though the save function itself seems to work for some reason...

Best of luck and no worries about the wait, I can imagine it's somewhat of a busy time for you!

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Hi Teminusx,

Thanks for getting those to us I'll make sure this gets reviewed.



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