Cash For Gold Achievment Impossible

LemuDna 5 years ago updated by anonymous 4 years ago 4

Level 3 of HoG. You need to cast Blood Money 100 times. I've finished the level with 600 total spell casts. Then relaoded the save and had it go up to 800 *just* using Blood Money. It will not unlock.

Also in this level, the games FPS drops to 1 when putting gold into the Cauldron. Sometimes it goes back to normal after a few minutes, sometimes it doesnt. This only happened after I replayed the level but didn't happen on my first play.

Game Version:
Steam Public

I tried retrying from the start, ended the level with 1000 casts and no achievement.

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Hi LemuDna,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you we've been very busy lately.

I'll tag this for review and make sure that our QA Analyst has a look into the conditions surrounding the achievement to ensure that it's working as intended.



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Hey LemuDna,

I've just tried this and it worked fine.

Could you please try again, then when on the debrief screen open the console (press "Scroll Lock") and send us a screenshot of what it says 


Declined due to lack of response