Creatures can have higher level than 10

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In "Behind Enemy Lines" campaign level, I think it's level number 6, spawning dwarves gradually increase levels if you take your time. Eventually I got lvl 11-13 dwarves before completing the mission. I saved the game once since it took about 2.5 hours to seize the whole map, so loading it might cause it, I suppose.

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I tried hard to replicate this one, but for me it works totally fine... :<
Could you please upload your output_log.txt

It's under: D:\Steam\SteamApps\common\War For The Overworld\WFTOGame_Data


I have to say, I played that level twice, and both times had this bug if I waited for too long.


6 behind enemy lines_20160417152518

6 behind enemy lines_20160417152518.meta

before I forget, that's the output_log.txt as you load this savefile, right?
Because the output_log.txt will be rewritten, everytime you start a Skirmish, Campaign Level, Map Editor Map, etc.

Yes, of course.

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cool ive seen this once on early release.. believe 1.1 or so.. tho it would be interesting to see if minions are able to train only to lvl 10 (this includes experience artifact) and after that only be able to achieve even higher levels through fighting
i see this bug as a awesome suggestion minions being able to get better even after lvl 10 ofc exp artifacts should not count after lvl 10.. but if you manage to keep ur minions alive after some epic battles it would be a good reward

I was playing this level today, to get the achievements for freeing everyone in the prisons, and honestly I don't see a problem with the enemy being a higher level. The level is not very difficult.
If you take that long, likely you are unbeatable against the computer player by this point anyway... Plus - their level is carried over when you convert them (which is introduced in this level), so really - it is a good way to bolster your own army with super-ranked troops if this happens.

However, after 1.5 hours of messing around, clearing the map of all dirt and selling all rooms except tavern, pigs, beastden and vault/lair, it got a bit dull... So I just spent time with avarice, placing traps: a load of bombards and bone chillers behind tonne of blade lotus, and didn't even need to use the monsters to beat it, once all defences were constructed using an artefact.

Can attest that 2x XP artefacts don't raise your own troops past 10, if they are at 10, and after little over two hours' play (no saves, loads or restarts) the dwarves in the "spawn room" were still only about a dozen strong, max level 8 vs 40+ level 10 monsters and a lot of stolen warriors...
Once there was nothing left of the map apart from their "big door" room, surrounded by my defences - they didn't come out at all, and just stood there to be shot to bits when the doors fell to the cannon.

Perhaps they spawn from somewhere other than portal in the screenshot, and I destroyed it previous to my getting bored waiting for it to happen...

I would like to play as Empire in skirmish.

Nope, they spawned from that portal, and kept spawning and attacking me regularly. Btw you cannot convert those whose level is higher than 10, they disappear once you try to grab them from prison, so it's clearly a bug, such levels are not supported by the game logic.


we could never reproduce this issue.

i am going to close it now.